✨ Closing out January and looking forward to our next giveaway!

Posted by Lisa Landry on

Next week, we'll kick off February with a Giveaway. Do you want Wall Art? a Tote? Notebooks? Puzzle? Let me know what you'd like to win! 

I am using a new Google program (well, new to me!) to make sure that I am uploading the most high quality photos to get the best resolution prints. I am really excited about this because you have asked for blankets but I was previously unable to offer them because it would not have been good print quality. Now I can overcome that for you!

I am also dipping into digital design. I posted my first product last night. I really want to start getting into releasing collections but I couldn't wait on this one. I was pretty excited about how all the tools just worked. It is an acrylic paint pour design, enhanced and embellished with digital design

I am working on a Spring Collection that I'll be releasing for my birthday. April seems like a good goal point for the first part of the year. I've always set unofficial deadlines for myself to correspond with my birthday in April. Now it will be the goal timeline to release my first coordinated collection.

I look forward to your feedback for the giveaway!



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