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Posted by Lisa Landry on

Hey y’all!

I’ve got so much news!

First, I am so excited to bring you the next Giveaway. I have a laptop case that fits a 15” laptop perfectly! The inside of the case is a faux fur, light grey, very nice. A snug fit still allowing for papers or mail to be tucked inside. Since I moved to the new website, I had to change vendors and I am so in love with these new totes. They are made in the USA! I love the extra added touch of having an American flag sewn in with the label. We’ll have 2 winners! Details coming soon!

This coming Monday, I am moving to a new role within United Healthcare Specialty Benefits Operations as the Manager of Integration. I’ll be helping bring acquired companies into the fold of our Contact Centers, technologically and culturally. I am an expert in Contact Center management, a Culture Ambassador and graduate of UHC Emerging Leader program.

And finally, I took the afternoon off to get in the Studio. Instead, I accepted an email invitation from Facebook to have a free consultation on my business. The gentleman I spoke with walked me through how to fix some of my settings on the backend to make sure that my business is set up for success. I guess there is some algorithm in Facebook that identified me as a small business owner. Not sure what the other criteria were but I qualified for free help. 😂 I don’t question that too much. It’s a blessing.

The Studio is calling! Stay tuned for more details! I am so excited for the Giveaway!



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  • Hi Lisa!
    Congratulations on your new job! So happy for you! Also looks like you have a lot of good things happening with your art business! Good luck with the new products. All your work is beautiful! God bless!

    Michele Dorsett on
  • Hi Lisa, I just wanted to say that your work is amazing. You’ve come a long way baby! 🤩 Your business page is gorgeous. Everything looks beautiful and excellent quality. And I 💜 LOVE 💜 the fact that it’s made in USA. Today is my daughter’s birthday and I think she may be getting an extra late birthday present because these are so pretty. I just need to figure out which design to choose because they’re all gorgeous! Keep up the beautiful works of art. 💜. Janice 😊

    Janice Tracia on

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