Lessons I refused to learn

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Over the past few weeks, I have leaped wholeheartedly back into the role of student. In seasons like these, I am inspired by re-imagining what could be. Each morning, I renew my mind by taking time to read scripture and write in my journal, then my husband & I enjoy the cool New Hampshire mornings by getting in a walk together before the day begins. 

I have enrolled in classes to develop my writing skills as well as me expanding my artistic palette. I am working to overcome strongholds of control & perfection. To that end, watercolor painting is teaching me everything I have so far refused to learn. 

When you make a mark with acrylic, that is the mark you have made. When you make a mark with watercolor, the water moves the color. This is a difficult adjustment for someone like me who likes to be in control. Watercolor is trying to teach me to dance and I keep trying to lead. It is similar to how we pray, “Lord take this worry from me.” Then immediately, we begin to worry and grab back what we just gave Him.

I am really looking at watercolor now as God’s way of teaching me to slow down and have patience. He is calling me to have consistent time with Him through His gifts without the pressure of performance. It is a time of me learning to decrease so that He can increase.

If you are not a Christian, maybe I am speaking another language. Christianese is what it is called. I pray that in sharing these tiny revelations in my life, it speaks to you in some way so that you desire to know more about having a relationship with God.

Be blessed!


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