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Hi Friend,

This past weekend, I attended a 3-day Conference for Christian Creatives called Created to Thrive. It was a great exercise in defining Vision and Direction for business and for life. We talked about Mindset, Setting your schedule and developing Healthy habits. 

I was excited to learn that the 1st person in the Bible that is recorded to have been filled with the Spirit was a Creative! His name was Bezalel. He was filled with the Spirit of God to make artistic designs, furnishings and garments for the Israelites to use in worship (Exodus 31)! I also learned some tangible business basics and art licensing practices. It was a great weekend of faith and education.

I am looking at products to complement each other. I like the scarf and tote look. I enjoy sourcing items that I know you will love to see my art on! All of your requests can be found in the Eclectic Collection so that others can see what you are requesting. If something does particularly well then I may create a collection from it. 

I am really excited to start planning Collections and taking a longer view. That is really what this weekend taught me. It's what I have been trying to learn my whole life. I need to take a longer view. Pace myself and perpetuate a culture of planning in my own business while it is still just me :)

Is there something that you have been holding onto that you need to release in order to allow God's blessing? Is your timing aligned with God?

If you were at the conference, I'd love to hear from you! If you are a customer of my art, I would love to hear from you as well! 

Have a great week!

Lisa Maria Landry

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